ExoScreen is an exterior shading system designed to improve your outdoor living environment by solving common exterior concerns.

  • Reduce Exposure to Harmful UV Rays on sunny days – Even during cooler weather or cloudy days, the sun causes damage.
  • Bug Protection – For areas where mosquitoes, flies or other insect are dense, use ExoScreen to enclose an area to enjoy a bug free environment.
  • Increase privacy – Reduces visibility from nearby busy areas or neighbours creating a more peaceful and relaxed living space.
  • Protection from Elements – Provides a barrier from the elements such as heavy winds, blowing sand or during rainy day.
  • Keeps Area Cooler – Extend your outdoor living area and time. Allows air to pass through, keeping the area underneath cooler. Because it’s cooler, users are more likely to enjoy the outdoors for a longer period of time.


, ExoScreen
, ExoScreen
, ExoScreen


Strong Protection Against Heavy Winds

  • The side track rails are virtually indestructible, withstanding winds up to 75 mph 120 kph.
  • Shades can remain lowered during storms to protect your patio or to entertain in any weather.
  • No wind sensor is required.
  • Heavy bottom bar allows the screen to be deployed in winds up to 25 mph 40 kph.

Expertly Designed for Efficiency

  • Unique, innovative design uses opposite-pole neodymium magnets to secure the fabric into the track and allow the screen to easily travel through the track without jamming or pulling out.
  • The magnetic side tracks combined with proprietary interlock, provide constant tension on the screen, resulting in consistent operation, keeping it taught and secure.
  • The structurally designed aluminium tube resists rust and eliminates deflection.
  • Shades can be made up to 30 feet wide and 24 feet tall.
  • Somfy quiet motors are used with built-in obstacle detection, making an attempt to deploy before shutting down. This is a safety feature in case the shade comes into contact with furniture, pets, or people in deployment.
  • Motors are programmable with a 600 foot outdoor range and a 75 foot indoor range via remote. Alternatively, they can be controlled by your smartphone via the optional Wi-Fi interface and are compatible with most home automation systems.
  • Units plug directly into a 110 volt outlet, meaning no hard wiring or electricians are required.

Finish Options


  • Selection of Twitchell fabric in 20%, 10%, 5%, 3% openness or select from insect screen depending on client objectives: Shading; bug protection; privacy; wind abatement; or extending their outdoor living area.

Twitchell Fabrics Collections:

1. Nano 97 Twill

2. Nano 50/55/60

3. Nano 95


  • Six aluminum colour choices are available: Black, White, Ivory, Adobe, Beige, and Bronze

, ExoScreen

, ExoScreen

, ExoScreen

, ExoScreen

, ExoScreen

, ExoScreen

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