NEO™ Chainless System

NEO™ Chainless System

The NEO™ Chainless System is a Sun Glow innovation that allows shades to be pulled down by the bottom bar or shade pull, and smoothly retracted with a light tug.


Features & Benefits

  • Completely chainless operation.
  • Easy to operate: pull down from the centre of the bottom bar or blind pull to the desired height, retract with a light tug.
  • Fits jamb depths of 2.5″ for inside flush mount.
  • Shipped as a completely tested unit, with no assembly required.
  • Mounting brackets and shade holder make for a simple installation.
  • Smart lock and snap release allow for easy dismounting when required.
  • Safe for spaces with small children.

Sizes & Limitations

Neo 1"

For shades from 22″ to 30″ wide. Includes thermoplastic mounting brackets. Does not include upper limit stopper.

Compatible with the following systems:

  • Decora 8, 12, and 16 Cassettes

Neo 1.5"

For shades over 30″ wide. Includes white mounting bracket covers.

Compatible with the following systems:

  • Open Roll
  • Fabric & PVC Valances
  • Vision V84 & V102 Systems
  • Decora 12 and 16 Cassettes

Fabric Options

Fabric Close-Up

Transparent, Translucent, Privacy, Sustainable, Sun Screens, and Opaques; Sun Glow’s fabric collection has it all.

Style Options

Valance Options

Vision V84 and V102

Decora 8, Decora 12, Decora 16

Fabric Valance

PVC Valance

  • Quick and easy installation.
  • Modular design offers a wide variety of valance configurations for optimal performance and cost effectiveness.
  • Completely assembled unit is balanced and tested during manufacturing to ensure proper performance before and after installation.
  • Built in leveling system allows drive and idle end to be leveled after installation to compensate for uneven mounting conditions.

Available Colours:
white, black, linen, light bronze, dark bronze, and anodized.

  • Three headrail sizes accommodate greater range of drop length possibilities and use of thicker fabrics.
  • Fully assembled design makes for quick and easy installation.
  • Sleek look accommodates upscale commercial needs and affords greater residential appeal.
  • Intermediate bracket allows two shades in one headrail.
  • Accommodates fabric insert.
  • No visible brackets.

Available Colours:
white, black, linen, dark bronze, and anodized with matching end caps

  • Available with returns for outside mount applications.
  • Standard height is 6″ but custom sizing is available.
  • Totally independent of the shade.
  • Available with returns for outside mount applications.
  • Accommodates fabric insert.
  • Totally independent of the shade.

Hem Options


The Accubar™ aluminum hem bar has a contemporary, clean look. The hem bar and end caps are available in five coordinating finishes.

Wrapped Accubar

The Accubar with the inside face wrapped with the shade fabric for total coordination. The hem bar and end caps are available in five coordinating finishes.

Slim Bar

Slim Bar

The Sun Glow Slim Bar is ideal when a finished aluminum hem look is desired in combination with either a smaller profile or side channels.


The Accurail aluminum hem bar is offered in five finishes, has an oval profile, and the oval end caps are available in black, grey, or white.

Plain Hem

Plain hem is a 1.75″ welded or sewn pocket with an aluminum slat insert (shown). A wood slat is used for vinyl fabrics. The sides can be left unsewn or stitched per your preference.



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