SG Rechargeable Motors

SG Rechargeable Motors

Simple. Elegant. Robust.

Sun Glow’s own shade motorization system has the features you need at prices you can’t resist.




  • Built-in rechargeable battery.
  • Low power consumption for decreased energy costs and sustainability.
  • Motors and accessories are value priced.
  • Motors are easily recharged with a plugin DC charger.
  • Optional solar panel is available for effortless recharging.
  • A full charge enables up to 300 up/down cycles.
  • Ideal for roller shades, Interlude and Illusions.
  • 1 and 15 channel remote option.
  • Can retrofit your existing open roll shades.

Sophisticated SG Rechargeable Motor control is at your fingertips, over wifi, with any iOS device.

Control your SG Rechargeable Motors with intuitive single channel and 15 channel remotes.

Dependable and reliable, the SG Rechargeable Motor is backed by a 5 year warranty (recently extended for increased value).

Occasionally plug-in to recharge your motor, or employ our solar panel option for worry free recharging.

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