SG Rechargeable Motors

SG Rechargeable Motors

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Sun Glow’s SG Rechargeable motorization line features robust motors with bi-directional communication, solar power, and smart home integration. SG Rechargeable motors make home automation simple and affordable.


  • Built-in rechargeable battery.
  • Low power consumption for decreased energy costs and sustainability.
  • Motors and accessories are value priced.


  • Motors are easily recharged with a plugin DC charger.
  • Optional solar panel is available for effortless recharging.
  • A full charge enables up to 300 up/down cycles.


  • Ideal for roller shades, Interlude and Illusions.
  • 15 channel remote and 15 channel wall switch options available.
  • Can retrofit your existing open roll shades.

Need help selecting a motor for your application?

Our Motorization Flowchart can help.

Control Options

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Control your SG Rechargeable Motors with intuitive single channel and 15 channel remotes.

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SG Connector

Sophisticated SG Rechargeable Motor control is at your fingertips, over wifi, with any iOS or Android device using the SG Connector.

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SG Wand

With the complete SG Wand Motor system each shade gets a combined power and control wand that makes home automation simple and affordable.

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The sleek and stylish SG Connector is easy to set up, plus it offers effortless functionality and compelling features:

  • App interface that allows you to set custom pictures of each shade being controlled.  iOS and Android compatible. See the how to videos here.
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa* and Google Home*
    • *Amazon and Google devices not included
  • Wireless internet connection (2.4Ghz, 802.11b/n/g only), no need to plug in to a router.
  • Personalized user accounts.
  • Control up to 30 motors, 20 timers, 20 rooms, and 20 scenes.

Power Options

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Plug-In Recharging

Occasionally plug-in to recharge your motor, recharging cycle varies by shade size and usage.

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Solar Power

SG Rechargeable Solar Panels keep the motor batteries regularly charged for worry free usage.

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SG Mini Modular Connection

The flexible SG Mini motors connect to a wall plug adapter, external Li-ion battery pack, or solar panel II.

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Pushing the Limits

With windows getting bigger and taller, demand for larger motorization options is on the rise.  Most windows aren’t wired up for automated shades, so wire-free systems are being asked to perform ever more heavy lifting.  Thankfully, our product technicians are always testing and perfecting our systems and pushing our limit sizes.  We have developed custom-made crown and idle end adapters that allow us to use larger 2″ tubes for wire-free systems, but with the following limitations.

  • Available for 2Nm SG Bidirectional motors
  • Larger wire-free shades will require more frequent recharges.
  • Warranty on the motor will be reduced to 2 years

Motor Details

MotorOrder CodeTorque(s)Noise LevelMinimum WidthPower TypeControl TypeRoller ShadesInterludeIllusionsRoman ShadesProgramming Instructions
SG RechargeableSGRM0.7Nm - 2.0Nm≤ 55 - 58dBA21”8V, 12V DCSG Remotes & ConnectorDownload
SG Wand BatteryWBM1.1Nm?21"7.2V3 Wand Lengths:
SG Mini1.1Nm≤ 55 - 58dBA16"12V DCSG Remotes & ConnectorDownload


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