Healthcare Projects

Healthcare Projects

Centre for Addiction & Mental Health (CAMH)

The project involved many different areas with unique criteria. Ranging from the parking garage to offices, conference rooms, foyers, observation rooms, and other areas accessible to patients with mental illness and addiction.

Both manual and automated roller shades were selected; some in recessed ceiling pockets, others in CBX cassette (a Sun Glow proprietary, fully enclosed cassette system). The boardroom featured automated dual shades with an opaque fabric when room darkening was required and a sun screen when natural light and outward visibility were preferred.

The most notable product used was Sun Glow’s “Safety Shade” which addressed the client’s concerns with ligature issues. The shade was chainless, operated by Neo (an advanced spring system), and the shade traveled through side channels with modifications to prevent any part of the shade from being removed in order to address all safety concerns.


The clinic was located on a high floor hence privacy was not an issue.

Views to the outside were the objective, met with a 3% sun sunscreen in white to complement the decor.