Simple Service

Simple Service

Simple Service Ensures Your Shades Look their Best

Sun Glow's Simple Service ensures a great measuring and installation experience. Our installers save you time, get expert measuring even in hard-to-reach areas, and are skilled at handling complex, motorized solutions.

Our Guarantee

When you use Sun Glow’s Simple Service to measure and install our products, you can rest assured that everything will be completed accurately.
If any issues arise, you will not incur any additional charges – we will make it right!

It’s that Simple.

As Easy as 1-2-3!

  1. We’re the experts on our products because it’s all we do. We have hired and trained our own team of professional and insured installers.
  2. We can make all the arrangements to perform the check measure and installation, follow up on progress, and get customer sign-off upon completion. Just let us know what you need.
  3. We bring products directly from production to the customer in order to save time and eliminate any possible damages caused by handling by multiple parties.

The Benefits for You

  • Worry-free customer service
  • More time available to sell more of our products
  • No need to juggle product availability and installation – we do the coordination for you.
  • Happy customers with less returns results in increased repeat purchases and referrals

Simple Service Includes

Check Measure

, Simple Service

Minimum charge: $100

Includes: measuring up to 25 units

After the first 25 units, each extra unit is $5


, Simple Service

Minimum charge: $100

Restrictions: only available when Sun Glow performs the check measure

Installation Net Pricing


Up to 96″ Wide More than 96″ Wide
Manual $15 $25
DC Motor* $30 $50
AC Motor* $95 $135

Above pricing applies when installed into wood, aluminum, or drywall. Add $15/unit for Concrete or Steel.

* Includes testing, limit setup and programming 1 controller. Add $10 to program each additional controller, $25 to program each myLink or SG Connector unit, and $10 to program each additional device.

Simple Service Coverage Area

Travel Fees

, Simple Service

  • Add $75.00 per trip plus $0.50 per kilometre if outside of the Simple Service Coverage area.
  • Parking charges, if applicable, will be billed per receipt.
  • Service outside our standard coverage area is subject to approval.

Simple Service Requirements

  • Site condiditions and accessibility must be suitable to safely and properly install all products.
  • Extra charges will apply for additional trips, removal of existing blinds/shades, or moving obstructions (e.g. scaffolding, furniture).
    • Garbage removal: $10 per unit, Condo service fee: $100, Side or bottom channels: $2/foot, Skylights: extra $50 each, Additional or wasted trips: $100 each.
  • Special equipment charges will be quoted if applicable.
  • Electrical hookups and runs to be completed by others.
  • Dealer is strongly advised to be present during check measure. If the Dealer is not present, a fully completed order form is required.

A quote is required if the trip will be outside of normal business hours (Monday through Friday, 8:30 am to 5 pm).
For heights over 10 feet, please contact us for a quote.

Simple Service Worksheet

Download the PDF

, Simple Service

Please note that the calculations may only work accurately in Adobe Reader/Acrobat