Roller Shades

Roller Shades

The classic simplicity and functionality of roller shades have made them a popular choice for many applications. With a wide range of fabric, control systems, valance & hem options, and custom accents, roller shades are an ideal solution to virtually any solar control challenge.


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Fabric Options

Fabric Close-Up

Transparent, Translucent, Privacy, Sustainable, Sun Screens, and Opaques; Sun Glow’s fabric collection has it all.

Control Options


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Simple, dependable, and colour coordinated.  Roller Shades can be operated using a manual clutch and chain system.

Chain finishes include:

  • Stainless steel
  • Plastic in clear, white, linen, grey, brown, and black
  • Your choice of chain loop or custom length joined chain


motorization and automation icon

Roller shades are compatible with a wide range of versatile automation solutions from elegant and intuitive home automation to robust building integration systems.

Lift Assist

Even larger chain operated roller shades can be lifted easily with one of Sun Glow’s lift assist mechanisms.  Reduce the required pull force for a smooth and ergonomically friendly experience.

Neo Chainless

Roller shades are compatible with the NeoShade Chainless system. Simply pull the shade down to the desired height by the bottom bar.  The shade can easily be retracted by a slight pull of the bottom bar or blind pull.

Style Options

Valance Options

Open Roll

  • The system never requires adjustment.
  • Raise or lower the shade by simply pulling the chain.
  • Chain is available in white, grey, black, linen, brown, clear, and stainless steel.
  • Compatible with Lift Assist mechanisms (LAM).
  • Chain hold-downs included as a standard with each shade.
  • Systems can be wall, ceiling, or laterally mounted.

Decora 8, Decora 12, Decora 16

  • Three headrail sizes accommodate greater range of drop length possibilities and use of thicker fabrics.
  • Fully assembled design makes for quick and easy installation.
  • Intermediate bracket allows two shades in one headrail.
  • Five cassette colours available with coordinating end caps, see chart below for colours.

3″ Fascia & 4″ Fascia

  • Conceals roller and components for a very clean and contemporary appearance.
  • Universal bracket suits all mounting conditions.
  • Commercial grade aluminum construction.
  • Available in five colours with coordinating bracket covers. Coordinating bracket covers available on request for outside mount situations.
  • See colour chart below for colour options.


  • Simple and fast installation with ceiling or wall brackets.
  • One piece aluminum construction.
  • Completely encases roller and components.
  • Anodized finish is standard, custom colours available on request.
  • End covers and brackets available in white, grey, black.

Hanger & Closure

  • Commercial grade, aluminum construction.
  • Bottom enclosure conceals roller and components for a seamless, integrated look.
  • Can be mounted inside 4″-5″ pockets or larger.
  • Cover available to conceal bottom of the drywall edge.
  • Bottom enclosure is removable for easy access for shade maintenance.

Fabric Valance

  • Available with returns for outside mount applications.
  • Standard height is 6″ but custom sizing is available.
  • Totally independent of the shade.

PVC Valance

  • Available with returns for outside mount applications.
  • Accommodates fabric insert.
  • Totally independent of the shade.

Hem Options


The Accubar™ aluminum hem bar has a contemporary, clean look. The hem bar and end caps are available in five coordinating finishes.

Wrapped Accubar

The Accubar with the inside face wrapped with the shade fabric for total coordination.  The hem bar and end caps are available in five coordinating finishes.

Slim Bar
Slim Bar

The Sun Glow Slim Bar is ideal when a finished aluminum hem look is desired in combination with either a smaller profile or side channels.


The Accurail aluminum hem bar is offered in five finishes, has an oval profile, and the oval end caps are available in black, grey, or white.

Plain Hem

Plain hem is a 1.75″ welded or sewn pocket with an aluminum slat insert (shown). A wood slat is used for vinyl fabrics. The sides can be left unsewn or stitched per your preference.

Finish Options

, Roller ShadesWhite , Roller ShadesLinen , Roller ShadesAnodized/
, Roller ShadesLight Bronze , Roller ShadesDark Bronze/ Brown , Roller ShadesBlack
CBX Cassettes
CBX Brackets
CBX End Caps
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Fascia SF3 & SF4
SF3 & SF4 Brackets
SF3 & SF4 Bracket Covers
Decora Cassettes
Decora Brackets
Decora End Caps
Accubar End Caps
Accurail End Caps
Slim Bar
Slim Bar End Caps
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