Vision™ Roller Shading Systems

Vision™ Roller Shading Systems

Vision™ is a modular roller shade system developed in-house at Sun Glow. The system is host to an impressive range of in-demand features.

Control Options


vision LAM


Simple, dependable, and colour coordinated.  Roller Shades can be operated using a manual clutch and chain system.  The V1 Clutch was designed in-house at Sun Glow and is produced from the finest materials.

Chain finishes include:

  • Stainless steel
  • Plastic in white, grey, and black
  • Your choice of chain loop or custom length joined chain

Integrated lift assist mechanism reduces required pull force for finger tip control even on large shades.

Vision built-in lift assist mechanisms V15 to V120 are customized for each shade based on the shade size, thickness, and weight of fabric to ensure the shade can be operated smoothly and effortlessly.

Our shades are compatible with a wide range of versatile automation solutions from elegant and intuitive home automation to robust building integration systems.

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Features & Benefits

The V1 Clutch & Vision LAM

The V1 Clutch and Vision Lift Assist Mechanism combine to drive the finest chain operated roller shade.  Smooth, effortless finger-tip operation reduces impact and strain across the entire shade, reducing noise and vibration.  The V1 clutch is counter balanced to allow the shade to be drawn by simply pulling down on hem bar.

Modular Design

Vision’s modular design allows you to customize the fascia or cassette for your exact application.

Regular Roll Configurations

Front Fascia

Front & Return Fascia


Reverse Roll Configurations

Front Fascia

Front & Return Fascia


Reverse Roll, even in a cassette

The Vision Roller Shade System is incredibly flexible and has numerous useful configurations, like being able to reverse roll to avoid any window frame obstacles.

…and more

Vision Roller Shades are delivered as a completely assembled unit.  Every shade is tested and balanced to ensure optimal performance.  A unique floating level system allows the shade to be levelled even after it has been installed to compensate for uneven mounting conditions.  Light gaps are minimal and symmetrical for a crisp and pleasing visual finish.

Hem Options

Accubar 2.1

Slimmer and taller than the original, Accubar 2.1 still offers outstanding stability and perfect weight for any shade.

Wrapped Accubar 2.1

The Accubar 2.1 but with the interior face wrapped with the shade fabric for total coordination.


The Accubar aluminum hem bar has a contemporary, clean look.

Wrapped Accubar

The Accubar but with the interior face wrapped with the shade fabric for total coordination.

Plain Hem

Plain hem is a 1.75″ welded or sewn pocket with an aluminum slat insert (shown). A wood slat is used for vinyl fabrics. The sides can be left unsewn or stitched per your preference.

Deluxe Bar

The Deluxe Bar hem bar has a contemporary rectangular profile with square edges.

Slim Bar

The Sun Glow Slim Bar is ideal when a finished aluminum hem look is desired in combination with either a smaller profile or side channels.

Finish & Colour Options


Hanger & Closure
Blackout Channel
Deluxe Bar
Slim Bar

Fabric Options

Fabric Close-Up

Transparent, Translucent, Privacy, Sustainable, Sun Screens, and Opaques; Sun Glow’s fabric collection has it all.


  • Snap-on brackets for quick and easy installation.
  • Modular design offers a wide variety of valance configurations for optimal performance and cost effectiveness.
  • Minimal and symmetrical light gap offers greater solar control and a balanced appearance.
  • Lift assist mechanism (LAM) spring mechanism reduces the pull force required to lift the shade which reduces wear and tear on the components.
  • Completely assembled unit is balanced and tested during manufacturing to ensure proper performance
    before and after installation.
  • Built in leveling system allows drive and idle end to be leveled after installation to compensate for uneven mounting conditions.
  • Stripless clutch technology allows shade to also be pulled down by bottom bar.
  • Vision meets the following Leed point criteria:
    • MR credit: 4.1/4.2 Recycled content.
    • MR credit: 5.1/5.2 Regional materials.
    • EQ credit: 8.1/8.2 Daylight and views.
  • Light Gap: 11/16″±1/8″ (idle end), 11/16″±1/8″ (drive end). Light gap may increase when using fabrics which tend to telescope or when the width the height ratio is 1:2.5 or greater.

Cassette Dimensions

Vision Cassette Dimensions

V-843 1/4"3 5/16"
V-1024 1/8"4"

Mounting Overview

Ceiling Mount

Wall Mount

Lateral Mount

Vision Mounting - Ceiling

V-841 1/2"3 5/16"3 1/4"
V-1021 7/8"4"4 1/8"

Vision Mounting - Wall

V-841 1/2"3 5/16"3 1/4"
V-1021 7/8"4"4 1/8"

Vision Mounting - Lateral

V-841 3/8"3 5/8"
V-1021 3/8"4 5/16"

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