Light Shelf

Light Shelf

Natural light has the power to transform inside spaces with warmth and vibrance. Sun Glow’s light harvesting systems reflect daylight onto ceilings and deep into building interiors.


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Material Options

Light Shelf Material

Sun Glow’s Light Shelves use polycarbonate multi-wall sheets to control and reflect sunlight.  They are designed to withstand extreme solar exposure, and are ideal for managing light-transmittance and reflection. They are attractive, durable, and easy to maintain, and protect against damaging UV radiation.

Metal Finish Options

The extruded aluminum frame of the Light Shelf is available in 3 metallic finishes.

Control Options

Fixed Position

If configurable daylighting levels aren’t required, Light shelves can stay in a fixed position to save the cost of automation.


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Light Shelves are compatible with a wide range of versatile automation solutions from elegant and intuitive home automation to robust building integration systems.



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