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Curved Cassettes

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Maintenance & Care Instructions

Fabric Care & Cleaning

Sun Screen Interior Sun Control Fabrics:

Use a mild detergent, brush and rinse.

Translucent, Transparent, Privacy, and Opaque Fabrics:

Can be lightly vacuumed or gently wiped with a damp cloth. Do not soak, scrub or use any other solvents.

ELT and EPT Fabrics:

Dust or surface dirt – Clean with a clothing brush or carefully vacuum.
Mild stains – wipe with a damp cloth.
Tough stains – a mild soapy water can be used, then left to dry. Do not use spot cleaners or solvents.
Creases can be steamed out or laid flat on a cloth and gently ironed at the lowest setting.

Cleaning Instructions for Vinyl:

Material can be washed on both sides using warm water and a mild 5% detergent solution. If using soap/detergent, test on inconspicuous area first. Roll shade to fully down position to dry.

Cleaning Instructions for Reflective Fabrics:

DO NOT clean the metalized side of the fabric. The metalized backing is more sensitive to showing marks from contact with sweat and alkaline cleaning products. When handling the fabric, it is best to do so with white cotton gloves or other gloves if cotton is not available.

If the front of the fabric becomes dirty, you can spot clean it with a damp cloth using only mild soap and water. Note than any liquid that gets through to the back may leave a mark on the metalized side.

When cleaning the window behind the shade, ensure that the shade is fully retracted and only spray window cleaners lower down on the window or onto a cleaning cloth to avoid spray getting onto the fabric. Commercial window cleaners are known to cause marks on the reflective backing if the spray comes into contact with the fabric.


Zero Gravity On-Site Tension Adjustment