The Illusions™ system combines transparent fabric with opaque or translucent vanes for total control over privacy and light. These vanes tilt open and closed allowing you to determine the perfect light and atmosphere for any room.


Rental Unit Bedroom
Rental Unit Bedroom
Rental Unit Common Area


Fabric Options

Translucent and Opaque, Illusions Fabrics Have More Options Than Ever.

Control Options


chain operation icon

Simple, dependable, and colour coordinated. Illusions Shades can be operated using a manual clutch and chain system.

Chain finishes include:

  • Stainless steel
  • Plastic in clear, white, linen, grey, brown, and black
  • Your choice of chain loop or custom length joined chain


Soft and textured. Illusions shades can be operated using a manual clutch and cord loop system.

  • Sizes: 2′, 3′, 4′, 5′, 6′, 7′, or 8′.
  • Colours: white (all sizes) or vanilla (up to 7′). Other colours available on request.


motorization and automation icon

Illusions shades are compatible with a wide range of versatile automation solutions from elegant and intuitive home automation to robust building integration systems.

Style Options

Valance Options

Decora 12 & Decora 16
  • Two headrail sizes accommodate greater range of drop length possibilities and use of thicker fabrics.
  • Fully assembled design makes for quick and easy installation.
  • Intermediate bracket allows two shades in one headrail.
  • Five cassette colours available with coordinating end caps.

Hem Options

Illusions Hem

Unique bottom bar features a sliding & locking weight system.  This allows Illusions to be easily balanced for any application.

Finish Options

, IllusionsWhite , IllusionsLinen , IllusionsAnodized/
, IllusionsLight Bronze , IllusionsDark Bronze/ Brown , IllusionsBlack
Decora Cassettes
Decora Brackets
Decora End Caps
Illusions Bottom Bar
Illusions Bottom Bar
End Caps (Plastic)


  • The Illusions system combines transparent fabric with opaque or translucent vanes for total control over privacy and light filtering.
  • D12 & D16 cassettes feature an optional fabric insert for complete coordination. Fabric insert is comprised of the opaque or translucent vanes of the fabric.
  • The opaque or translucent vanes measure 3” in depth/height.
  • Bottom bar does not allow light penetration, and features a levelling weight system.
  • White or linen coloured cord loop is provided in standard lengths of 2’, 3’, 4’, 5’, 6’ and 7’. Other colours available on request.
  • Stainless steel loop chain is optional and comes in standard lengths of 45”, 50”, 55”, 60”, 65”, 70”, 75”, 80” and 85”.
  • Universal bracket provides easy installation for both ceiling and wall mount applications.
  • Optional Bracket available for Lateral Mount applications.
  • Minimum width varies based on motor choice. Refer to automation section of the Sun Glow Retail Price Guide.

Illusions Fabric Specifications

FabricFire RetardantGreenOpennessVane Size

Illusions Decora 16 Fabric Insert Chart

Sun Glow Default Fabric Insert Substitutions (Used Unless Specified Otherwise)

Note: no substitutions or special recommendations are required for Decora 12 Cassettes.

Illusions Fabric Illusions Fabric Colour Fabric Insert Fabric Insert Colour
Natural Dusk Satin Privacy Cinder
Natural Grey ELT 303 Thyme
Natural Grey York Solid Stone
Natural Fair York Solid Derby
Natural Fair Satin Privacy Ice
Limestone Dark Grey York Solid Newcastle
Limestone Beige York Solid Derby
Limestone Beige Satin Privacy Ice
Limestone  Light Grey York Solid Stone
Limestone Light Grey ELT 303 Thyme
Elegance Grey ELT 303 Thyme
Elegance Soft White Satin Privacy Fair
Elegance White Apex Opaque White
Elegance White ELT 303 Salt
Elegance White EPT 301 Arctic

Illusions Size Limitations

FabricMax. WidthDecora 12
Chain & Cord
Decora 12
Decora 16
Decora 16
Natural110"104" x 85"102" x 90"92" x 105"90" x 120"
Elegance110"104" x 110"104" x 114"102" x 120"104" x 144"
Limestone110"98" x 101"100" x 102"100" x 110"100" x 144"



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