NEO™ EZ Pump

NEO™ EZ Pump

It’s simple and seamless to operate Sun Glow’s Neo EZ Pump Shade System.  Use the wand to lower the shade, then a light tug is all it takes to smoothly raise the shade.


The large Neo EZ Pull System has a minimum width of 31″ and a maximum width of 94.5″. A 5mm allen key can be used for adjusting spring tension onsite.

The Neo EZ Pump System can be controlled completely with the wand.  To lower the shade, simply pull the wand fully down a few times.  To raise the shade, pull the wand down until it begins to engage the drive and hold it in place, the shade rolls up and even slows to a gentle stop.

Since the Neo EZ Pump system is built on our classic Neo Chainless drive, it can be operated in the same way as always.  Simply pull the shade down to the desired position, and a short tug is all it takes to send the shade back up.


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Neo EZ Pump
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