Atlas Bottom Up Shade System

Atlas Bottom Up Shade System

By simply inverting the roller shade, Atlas finds new harmony and balance between daylight and personal privacy. Covering windows from the bottom up obscures sight lines, and the top opening permits the warmth and radiance of natural light.

Let Sunlight in,
Maintain Privacy


The Atlas Bottom Up Shade is ideal for environments where privacy is a concern, but natural light is still desirable.



With symmetrical light gaps and discrete tension cables, the clean aesthetic of the Atlas System can suit any décor.



The motorized Atlas Bottom Up Shade can be controlled with a remote, an app, or voice commands.

What Our Customers Are Saying:

“Best blinds ever! The look is elegant and very contemporary. There is optimal privacy, yet at the same time the beauty of the outdoors is able to shine through and brighten the room. These blinds are easy to operate and allow for flexible positioning. The installation process was efficient and accommodating. And, my other Sun Glow blinds are also lovely! I am pleased with Sun Glow’s excellent window covering products, and I commend the attentive service provided from start to finish.”

J. Foster - Toronto


Fabric Options

Fabric Close-Up

Transparent, Translucent, Privacy, Sustainable, Sun Screens, and Opaques; Sun Glow’s fabric collection has it all.

For all roller shade fabrics, the Atlas Bottom Up Shade system can be made for sizes from 20″ x 20″ to 72″ x 72″.

Motorized Control

Atlas Bottom Up Shades use an ultra-quiet, low voltage Somfy Sonesse 30 motor that can be either plug and play or in-wall wired. Compatible with a full range of RTS controls and accessories, you can control your Atlas Bottom Up Shade with a remote, an app, or voice commands with Somfy myLink.

Style Options

Spring Box

  • Spring box can be directly ceiling mounted. Recommended to be installed into 19 mm plywood or 20 gauge steel.
  • Minimum 3″ mounting depth is required. There are two 3/16″ spring lock pin holes on the front of the spring box on either side.
  • Minimum 6″ mounting depth is required in order to conceal the spring lock pin holes behind the spring box.
  • Each discrete, unintrusive tension cable unwinds effortlessly as the shade moves.
  • Cover is easy to remove for servicing.
  • Cable connectors are pre-attached to ensure the bottom bar can be adapted easily to the system.
  • The concealed Vulcan springs on each side allow the shade to have an even pull force. The constant tension applied on both sides keep the bottom bar balanced and the fabric taut as the shade is operated.
  • Available in a variety of colours to coordinate with any décor.

Hem Bar Options

The Square Bottom Bar is compatible with side channels and has dimensional stability in order to prevent bending on wider width shades. Anodized finish only.

Cassette Options

Unlike traditional roller shades, for the Atlas Bottom Up Shade System, the cassette is mounted at the bottom on the window sill.

Vision V-84

3″ Fascia

  • Sleek, square cassette with slightly curved edges.
  • Completely assembled cassette is balanced and tested during manufacturing to ensure proper performance after installation.
  • A unique floating system allows both the drive and idle ends of the shade to be leveled after installation to compensate for uneven mounting conditions.
  • Square cassette with defined edges.
  • Conceals roller and components for a very clean and contemporary appearance.
  • Universal bracket suits all mounting conditions.
  • Commercial grade aluminum construction.

Finish Options

White Linen Anodized/
Light Bronze Dark Bronze/ Brown Black
Atlas Spring Box
Atlas Spring Box End Caps
Vision V-84 and V-102
Vision Bracket Covers
Fascia SF3
SF3 Bracket Covers

Looking for an alternate configuration? Contact our team for assistance.



Spec Sheet

Installation Manual