Dual Square Fascia Shades

Dual Square Fascia Shades

Sun Glow's Dual Square Fascia shades are ideal for rooms with varying light and privacy control needs. You can even have a single layer of Interlude fabric if you want more light and visibility.

Both the front and rear shades can be regular or reverse roll, which makes it easy to get the look you want and avoid window cranks and locks.

Tall and Slim Fascia


A tall and slim Dual Square Fascia design fits in to spaces that other dual shades don’t. It allows for a number of helpful shade configurations and reduces light seepage at the top of the window.  The fascia is available in white, anodized, and black with white or grey end caps.

Automated Controls


The motorized Gemini Dual Shade System can be controlled with a remote, an app, or voice commands.

Multiple Configurations


Each shade can be independently set as standard or reverse roll orientation.

Side channels can optionally be added to the back shade only.

Fabric Options

Fabric Close-Up

Transparent, Translucent, Privacy, Sustainable, Sun Screens, and Opaques; Sun Glow’s fabric collection has it all.

Control Options


chain operation icon

Simple, dependable, and colour coordinated.  Roller Shades can be operated using a manual clutch and chain system.

Chain finishes include:

  • Stainless steel, white, and black
  • Your choice of chain loop or custom length joined chain

Zero Gravity

The ZeroGravity™ spring perfectly balances the weight of the blind.

The result is virtually effortless operation. Open or close the blind fully, or anywhere in between, with the lightest touch of a finger.


motorization and automation icon

Our shades are compatible with a wide range of versatile automation solutions from elegant and intuitive home automation to robust building integration systems.

Gemini Dual Shades motorized options are powered by Sun Glow Stealth Motors, Somfy R28, Somfy R30 Junior, and Somfy Sonesse 30.


Example #1

Both shades are shown as regular rolls with the shades closer to the glazing.

Example #2

The front shades are shown in reverse roll with the fascia inverted, the rear shade is in standard roll. The increases the distance between the shades for a dramatic look,  good for avoiding obstacles in the middle of the window jamb.

Example #3

The fascia is inverted to allow both the front and rear shades to be set up in reverse roll configuration.  This is ideal for avoiding obstacles at the rear of the window jamb.

And more

The dual square fascia system is very flexible.  There are many other configurations are available to suit the requirements of each application.

Style Options

Cassette Options

Dual Square Fascia

  • Square cassette with defined edges.
  • Conceals roller and components for a very clean and contemporary appearance.
  • Universal bracket suits all mounting conditions.
  • Commercial grade aluminum construction.

Hem Options

Accubar 2.1

Slimmer and taller than the original, Accubar 2.1 still offers outstanding stability and perfect weight for any shade.

Wrapped Accubar 2.1

The Accubar 2.1 but with the interior face wrapped with the shade fabric for total coordination.

Plain Hem

Plain hem is a 1.75″ welded or sewn pocket with an aluminum slat insert (shown). A wood slat is used for vinyl fabrics. The sides can be left unsewn or stitched per your preference.

Deluxe Bar

The Deluxe Bar hem bar has a contemporary rectangular profile with square edges.

Finish Options

White Anodized/ Grey Black
Dual Square Fascia
Dual Square Fascia End Caps
Blackout Channel


Installation Manual

Spec Sheet