Sales Tools

Sales Tools

Sun Glow offers a variety of sales tools for our dealer network to showcase the many ways our window shades can be customized. Custom samples are also available.


Architectural Binder

$75 each

Decorative and Performance Fabric Catalogue

decorative and performance fabric catalogue

$150 each

Interlude and Illusions Fabric Catalogue

interlude and illusions fabric catalogue

$75 each

Accessories/Braids and Pulls Display Board

Accessories display board

$50 each

Jewellery Box

Swarovski Jewellery Box

$100 each


$25 each

Visual Display Board (Customizable)

Visual Display Board

$400 and up

Portable Display Case (Customizable)

$200 and up

Display Rack of Demo Shades (Customizable)

roller shade custom display
Interlude and Illusions custom display

$300 and up (each)