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Vision Roller Shading System

Vision™ is a modular roller shade system developed in-house at Sun Glow. The unit is balanced and tested during manufacturing and delivered as a fully assembled unit for easy installation.


  • Manual or automated operation
  • Many fabric choices available
  • Lift Assist Mechanism (LAM) makes it easier to operate the shade and reduces wear on the components
  • Built-in leveling system

Roller Shades

With a classic design, easy to use roller shades are a popular choice that can be customized to suit a wide range of applications and suit any décor.


  • Manual or automated operation
  • Variety of valances, cassette systems, or open roll
  • Many fabric choices and decorative accents available
Beach House with Interlude Shades

Interlude Shades

The Interlude™ system combines transparent fabric with opaque or translucent vanes for total control over privacy and light.


  • Manual or automated operation
  • Multiple fabric colours available
  • Unique bottom bar for a fully enclosed roller mechanism
  • Decora valance available in three sizes accommodates a fabric insert for a more cohesive look
Illusions Looking Professional

Illusions Shades

The Illusions™ system combines transparent fabric with opaque or translucent vanes. These vanes tilt open and closed allowing you to determine the perfect light and atmosphere for any room.


  • Manual or automated operation
  • Multiple fabric colours available
  • Unique bottom bar features a sliding and locking weight system so that your Illusions shade can be easily balanced
  • Decora valance available in two sizes accommodates a fabric insert for a more cohesive look
Panel Tracks Living Room

Panel Tracks

A contemporary design of multiple panels, the Sun Glow panel track system is ideal for large windows, patio doors, or room dividers.


  • Manual or automated operation
  • Panels can open from the left, right, or split to open from the centre
  • Many fabric choices available

Specialty Shade Systems


Atlas Bottom Up Shade System

By simply inverting the roller shade, Atlas finds new harmony and balance between daylight and personal privacy. Covering windows from the bottom up obscures sight lines, and the top opening permits the warmth and radiance of natural light.


  • Motorized shade system
  • Operates bottom up, allowing for natural light exposure while maintaining privacy

Nimbus Skylight Shade System

With complete control over daylight at any angle, The Nimbus System helps you maintain comfortable temperatures year-round.


  • Motorized shade system
  • Can be installed at any angle
Gemini lifestyle photo

Gemini Dual Shade System

Designed to combine two fabrics in one system, each shade is operated independently for precise control of light and privacy.


  • Ability to combine two different fabrics in a single system
  • Multiple configurations available
  • Available with chain operation or upgrade to motorized

Safety Shield

Safety Shield is a simple chain guard that can be installed on any new or existing chain operated roller shade, and has been approved for use with chain operated shades under the new industry standards for child safety.


Zero Gravity

Paired with our roller system components, ZeroGravity™ perfectly balances the weight of the blind, no matter what size of fabric weight for virtually effortless operation


  • Can be integrated into most roller shade and Interlude systems
  • Increases safety and usability
  • Can fit in shades as narrow as 10″

Neo EZ Pump

It’s simple and seamless to operate Sun Glow’s Neo EZ Pump Shade System.  Use the wand to lower the shade, then a light tug is all it takes to smoothly raise the shade.


Aria Chainless

Unlike Sun Glow’s other systems, the Aria Chainless Shade has it’s own distinct operating system and valance.  Simply pull the shade down to the desired height by the bottom bar.  The shade can easily be retracted by a slight pull of the bottom bar or blind pull.

  • New speed reducer/spring technology provides slow rise.
  • Upper limit easily adjustable on site without losing spring tension.
Neo shade with trim and pull

NEO™ Chainless System

The NEO™ Chainless System is a Sun Glow innovation that allows shades to be pulled down by the bottom bar or shade pull, and smoothly retracted with a light tug.


  • Can be integrated into most roller shade systems
  • Increases safety and usability
QRC - Meeting Area

Light Shelves

These shelves harvest light to reflect daylight onto ceilings and deep into building interiors.


  • Designed to withstand extreme solar exposure
  • Ideal for managing light transmittance and reflection
  • Protect against damaging UV radiation
  • Easy to maintain
Fixed shade and Roman shades

Fixed Shades

This non-operable shade type is custom fitted to any window size and shape. The fixed shade is often the recommended solution for unusual window frame shapes such as arches, angled, or inclined windows, as well as solariums.


  • Can accommodate any shape of window
  • Ideal for narrow windows that can’t contain an operable shade
Gore Meadows Branch, Brampton Library - Activity Area

Pockets, Hangers, and Closures

These commercial grade systems are ideal for mounting roller shade components hidden in above ceiling pockets to conceal the shade when not in use.


  • Manual or automated operation
  • Cover available to conceal bottom of the drywall edge
  • Bottom closure is removable for easy maintenance access

Motorization & Automation


Sun Glow Stealth Automation

Effortlessly manage the amount of sunlight and privacy in your space with just a tap of a button. Plus, set the perfect ambiance with your voice and smart home device. Experience the ultimate in convenience and comfort today!


  • All new redesigned whisper quiet motors
  • Optional solar panel available for effortless recharging
  • Diverse control options featuring a 16+6 Channel Remote
  • Can be controlled with any mobile device when paired with the Stealth Bridge
  • Five year warranty

Somfy Motors & Accessories

Sun Glow carries the full range of Somfy systems, accessories, and components. Our Somfy experts advise and support our clients all the way from selection to implementation.


  • Available in various sizes and technology options for projects of all shapes and sizes.
  • Somfy motors can be controlled with a remote, an app, or with voice control using myLink with Amazon Alexa.
  • Five year warranty.

Custom & Décor Solutions

Shoe Company

Graphic Shades

Whether you want to utilize window space for additional marketing space, or obtain a truly personalized look for your home, Sun Glow’s digital printing solutions can help your vision come to life.


  • High quality printing
  • Custom graphics, patterns, or messaging
  • Can be combined with a variety of fabrics for most roller shade systems
expressions wallpaper in a bathroom

Expressions Wallpaper

Whether you want to print a mural, a unique pattern, or create a truly personalized look, Sun Glow’s digital printing solutions can help your vision come to life.


  • High quality printing
  • Custom graphics, patterns, or messaging
  • Variety of textures to choose from
Trim Pull Accessories

Accessories: Trims & Pulls

Sun Glow’s exclusive collection of designer shade accessories including trims and pulls let you add unique flair and personality to any Sun Glow shade.


  • Coordinated pairings of trims and pulls
  • Swarovski crystal options available for a luxurious finish